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Sherwin Williams Color Forecast | The Carpet Shoppe
Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2022
Every year, Sherwin Williams releases four color palettes and 40 paint colors based on global trends in style and design.  These colors help push and guide designers and homeowners alike ...
vinyl 101 | The Carpet Shoppe
Vinyl Buying Guide
Today, people demand more from their floors.  They want their floors to perform well against water, kids, and pets while showcasing highly sought-after hardwood and stone styles.  Within the last ...
Kitchen flooring | The Carpet Shoppe
5 Kitchen Trends You Should Know About
Homebuyers and homeowners are searching for the latest trends in kitchen design to bring their outdated and meek kitchens into a new light. Between appliances, hardware, colors, and styles, there ...
Pet Friendly Floors | The Carpet Shoppe
Pet Friendly Floors
Pets are our beloved furry companions, but they can devastate your floor. Long nails can scratch flooring, water bowl spills can damage wood floors, and accidents can stain and damage ...
Hardwood Buying Guide | The Carpet Shoppe
Hardwood Buying Guide
So, you are going to update the floors in your home, and you start assessing your options. Timeless, beautiful, and highly sought after, you decide you want hardwood floors. There ...
Freight Wars | The Carpet Shoppe
Product Availability Shortages – Freight Wars
As you have been shopping in the last few months, you may have noticed price increases, long estimated ship dates, and messages about lack of product availability-some of the most ...
Flooring Renovation Questions Answered | The Carpet Shoppe
Your Flooring Renovation Questions Answered
Are you thinking about selling your home? Have you started your list of things to update? A kitchen refresh and a bathroom remodel may be at the top of your ...
carpet buying | The Carpet Shoppe
Carpet Buying Guide
When choosing carpet for your home, there are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. Mix that with all the different terminology, and you may start to feel overwhelmed ...
Minimize Noise With These Three Floor | The Carpet Shoppe Options
Minimize Noise With These Three Floor Options
How do you minimize noise and its adverse effects? While there are several ways to dampen sound, flooring has one of the most considerable impacts. Have you ever been trying ...
Flair To Your Stairs | The Carpet Shoppe
The Benefits of Stair Runners – Add Flair To Your Stairs!
Stair runners can be bold and exciting or subtle accents that blend with the rest of your home. They are often made from broadloom carpet that is cut to size and bound ...
Make A Room Feel Bigger
5 Ways To Make A Room Feel Bigger
If you have a small space, it is important to do what you can to open it up to feel spacious and inviting. Furniture placement and decorating can make your ...
Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Flooring | The Carpet Shoppe
The Differences Between Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Laminate or Luxury Vinyl? Which is right for your project? These two types of flooring have become increasingly popular in the last few years as technology has allowed both flooring ...
Sustainability in Commercial Flooring | The Carpet Shoppe
Sustainability in Commercial Flooring
When flooring a commercial facility, specifying sustainable products is vital to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting occupants' wellbeing. You may ask, "how could installing thousands of square feet of ...
homemade to grow old | The Carpet Shoppe
Is Your Home Made to Grow Old With You?
Buying a home is a considerable investment and can be an even greater investment if you remodel. You want to spend as many years in your home as you can. ...
Biophilic Design | The Carpet Shoppe
Designing Your Home With Peace In Mind – Biophilic Design
This year, biophilic design will be huge for consumers and manufacturers alike. With the whirlwind of events that 2020 has brought, people are looking for ways to find sanctuary within ...
Handyman's Guide to a DIY Backsplash | The Carpet Shoppe
The Handyman’s Guide to a DIY Backsplash
For someone who has tackled a few DIY projects in the home, this guide is for you. Here, we will outline the steps for installing a kitchen backsplash. Step One: ...
color mix forecast | The Carpet Shoppe
2021 Color Forecast
Design is often influenced by the things happening in the world around us. Each year Sherwin Williams releases their color forecast which is a collection of color palettes each based ...
Guide to Laminate Flooring | The Carpet Shoppe
The Beginner’s DIY Guide to Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is one of the easiest flooring types to install, especially for the new do-it-yourselfer. Depending on the size of the project this can easily be a one-day project. ...
Guide to Laminate Flooring | The Carpet Shoppe
The Little Known Importance of Carpet Backing
When shopping for carpet, many consumers are focused on the overall look of their carpet. Will it be a high pile or low pile, what kind of fiber is it ...
floor cleaning | The Carpet Shoppe
Do You Know The Best Way To Clean Your Floor?
From a deep clean to your weekly spot clean, these are some of the best tips for cleaning each type of flooring. Hardwood Hardwood floors have a reputation for being difficult ...
Hottest Residential Trends | The Carpet Shoppe
2020 Hottest Residential Trends
2020 has been a year of change in many ways, including flooring. Some trends have dropped off, while others have held strong. Let's look at what we have seen in ...
Carpet Tile In The Commercial World | The Carpet Shoppe
Importance Of Carpet Tile In The Commercial World
Though carpet tile has only been in the market for about 50 years, it has transformed the commercial flooring world. Though carpet tile has only been in the market for ...
Seamless Floors To Make A Floor More Sterile | The Carpet Shoppe
How To Get Seamless Floors To Make A Floor More Sterile
In the health industry, a sanitary floor is a necessity. Often, even after a floor has been cleaned, debris and bacteria can hide in the seams and crevices of your ...
Hardwood Needs to be Acclimated | The Carpet Shoppe
Here’s Why Your Hardwood Needs to be Acclimated
Extreme temperature and moisture levels can destroy your flooring before it's installed, so climate control during storage, transportation, and installation is vitally important. When you purchase hardwood floors, you do ...
Waterproof Floors | The Carpet Shoppe
This Is The CORE Difference in Waterproof Floors
WATERPROOF FLOORING IS BECOMING A LARGE PART OF THE FLOORING WORLD TODAY. Consumers want waterproof floors to incorporate the beautiful look of hardwood floors in areas that are splash prone ...
karastan | The Carpet Shoppe
Soniclean Vacuums Now at The Carpet Shoppe!
The KSC-7500 Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner was designed in conjunction with Karastan for customers with premium soft carpets. You may not know this, but, selecting the proper vacuum is ...
Residential Pro to Know
The Carpet Shoppe is a Residential Pro to Know
Read The Carpet Shoppe's latest feature in 417 Magazine about being a residential "pro to know" with a commitment to the kind of quality and customer service only a local ...
area rug | The Carpet Shoppe
3 Modern Rug Trends You Should Know About This Season
2019'S LATEST RUG TRENDS This season's modern rugs are all about contemporary designs that fuse vivid color palettes with hand-woven textures. At The Carpet Shoppe, we’re stocking up our showroom ...
Team | The Carpet Shoppe
The Carpet Shoppe’s Technology Brings Savings to Customers
Read The Carpet Shoppe's latest feature from the Springfield Business Journal about being a local "heritage" brand with an eye for staying current. "TECHNOLOGY SEEMS TO TOUCH ALMOST EVERY ASPECT ...
Hospital room flooring | The Carpet Shoppe
Hardwood Look Makes Labor & Delivery Hospital Rooms Like Home
Hospital administrators have teamed up with designers to use sheet vinyl with a hardwood appearance in labor and delivery suites. Commercial sheet vinyl is now available in hardwood patterns. Commercial ...
hardwood | The Carpet Shoppe
The Most Popular Flooring in New Homes From 50 Years Ago to Today
Flooring trends have certainly changed over the last 50 years. The most popular flooring in new homes today is very different than what was popular in your grandparents' generation. Flooring ...
bathroom flooring tile | The Carpet Shoppe
Q&A: What is the best waterproof flooring for your home’s wettest places?
In this Q&A post, we answer one of our customers' most common questions about the best flooring for moist spaces. Q: What is the best waterproof flooring for your home’s ...
how to protect hardwood floors | The Carpet Shoppe
How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Scratches and Dents in 5 Easy Ways
PROTECT YOUR HARDWOOD FLOORS We're here to help you protect one of your home's most beautiful features. Hardwood floors offer a warm, timeless look to any home. We know they're ...
broadloom carpet | The Carpet Shoppe
3 Senior Living Interior Design Trends You Should Know About
Gone are the days of designing senior living communities in what some might call a standard, generic style. Modern senior living communities are a far cry from the cookie-cutter or ...
Flooring trends | The Carpet Shoppe
3 Flooring Trends to Watch for in 2019
A new year means even more options to satisfy your flooring needs. Vinyl Flooring Is More Popular Than Ever When flooring shoppers are first introduced to vinyl plank, they have ...
48 year anniversary | The Carpet Shoppe
We’re Celebrating 48 Years
WE’VE BEEN HAPPY TO HELP OUR NEIGHBORS. At The Carpet Shoppe, we’re celebrating 48 years serving the Springfield community and wanted to share some of our history. On December 14, ...
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