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Hardwood Buying Guide

Hardwood Buying Guide | The Carpet Shoppe

So, you are going to update the floors in your home, and you start assessing your options. Timeless, beautiful, and highly sought after, you decide you want hardwood floors. There are several things to consider when choosing your next floor. Are you looking for solid or engineered hardwood? Are you looking for something with a…

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Product Availability Shortages – Freight Wars

Freight Wars | The Carpet Shoppe

As you have been shopping in the last few months, you may have noticed price increases, long estimated ship dates, and messages about lack of product availability-some of the most notable products being furniture, appliances, and flooring. All these issues can be attributed to freight wars and container congestion in ports. We understand how frustrating…

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Your Flooring Renovation Questions Answered

Flooring Renovation Questions Answered | The Carpet Shoppe

Are you thinking about selling your home? Have you started your list of things to update? A kitchen refresh and a bathroom remodel may be at the top of your list, but don’t overlook updating your floors. A kitchen with brand new appliances and cabinets won’t look right if the floor is an outdated linoleum.…

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Designing Your Home With Peace In Mind – Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design | The Carpet Shoppe

This year, biophilic design will be huge for consumers and manufacturers alike. With the whirlwind of events that 2020 has brought, people are looking for ways to find sanctuary within their homes. Biophilic design intends to connect occupants with nature directly or indirectly. Research shows a connection to nature can reduce stress, heart rate, and…

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Do You Know The Best Way To Clean Your Floor?

floor cleaning | The Carpet Shoppe

From a deep clean to your weekly spot clean, these are some of the best tips for cleaning each type of flooring. Hardwood Hardwood floors have a reputation for being difficult to maintain. Though cleaning hardwood may have a few extra steps compared to tile or vinyl, hardwood is straightforward. Before any mopping, be sure to…

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Here’s Why Your Hardwood Needs to be Acclimated

Hardwood Needs to be Acclimated | The Carpet Shoppe

Extreme temperature and moisture levels can destroy your flooring before it’s installed, so climate control during storage, transportation, and installation is vitally important. When you purchase hardwood floors, you do NOT want to install them without giving them time to acclimate. This acclimation period is essential for successful hardwood installation. The first thing you will…

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Hardwood Look Makes Labor & Delivery Hospital Rooms Like Home

Hospital room flooring | The Carpet Shoppe

Hospital administrators have teamed up with designers to use sheet vinyl with a hardwood appearance in labor and delivery suites. Commercial sheet vinyl is now available in hardwood patterns. Commercial sheet vinyl offers hospitals a great alternative to the more institutional look that once stood as a staple look for sterile hospital delivery rooms. These…

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The Most Popular Flooring in New Homes From 50 Years Ago to Today

hardwood | The Carpet Shoppe

Flooring trends have certainly changed over the last 50 years. The most popular flooring in new homes today is very different than what was popular in your grandparents’ generation. Flooring has come a long way in the 50 years since The Carpet Shoppe first opened its doors. In 1970, your choice of flooring for your home (or…

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How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Scratches and Dents in 5 Easy Ways

how to protect hardwood floors | The Carpet Shoppe

PROTECT YOUR HARDWOOD FLOORS We’re here to help you protect one of your home’s most beautiful features. Hardwood floors offer a warm, timeless look to any home. We know they’re an investment you want to protect for years to come, so our flooring experts have put together five easy, low-cost ways to protect your hardwood…

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