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Importance Of Carpet Tile In The Commercial World

Though carpet tile has only been in the market for about 50 years, it has transformed the commercial flooring world.

Though carpet tile has only been in the market for about 50 years, it has transformed the commercial flooring world. From its beginning as a way to minimize waste from wall-to-wall carpet, to a leading product category in the commercial industry, it’s safe to assume there’s a reason for this success.

Aesthetically, carpet tiles come in every color and pattern imaginable. From natural linear patterns to bold and bright geometric motifs, you’ll see it all. Right now, a rising trend in healthcare and office design is biophilic design. Biophilic design incorporates the look of nature to improve the occupants’ wellbeing by bringing the outside in. Carpet tile manufacturers have taken note and created a range of designs to fit into the biophilic category. Concept inspiration comes from things like cobblestone streets, weathered wood planks, ripples of water, and stalks of grass. Another manufacturer found inspiration from the look of pressed flowers! Colors and patterns aren’t the only way nature can be captured in carpet tile. Using various textures can capture the movement of flowing water, swaying grass, or a rolling fog.

Movement and texture can also be emphasized by rotating a tile or square to disrupt a pattern. The design possibilities are endless with the number of colors and designs found in today’s carpet tiles. Carpet tiles varying colors and designs can also be used to assist in navigation and wayfinding. Recently, Milliken launched “Social Factor,” a line that encourages social distancing, enhanced hygiene, and wayfinding. The tiles have icons that show hand washing, people standing 6 feet apart, and arrows to direct traffic flow. The statement doesn’t have to be that straight-forward to work, however. Choosing a bright and bold pattern in a common area and something more muted and plain for an individual room can create a zoning effect. Bold and bright designs encourage energy and movement in social spaces. Neutral colors and subtle patterns promote focus and relaxation in private areas.

Designers love the ease, and versatility carpet tiles provide. It makes personalizing designs for clients much more straightforward. Designers can emphasize a company’s identity by incorporating brand colors throughout the floor design. Most modular tile manufacturers also offer customization to make personalization even easier.

Since carpet tiles are modular, they are much easier to carry in and out of a job, making installation much faster than broadloom. Should your floor get stained or torn, instead of replacing a whole section of carpeting or paying for costly cleaning, you can pull a carpet tile up and replace it. This is a smart choice for clients with a concern for regular maintenance. The longevity of carpet tiles outlasts broadloom as well due to the way modular tiles are constructed. Their backings can absorb the shock of constant traffic, which keeps the fibers from wearing down.

Carpet tiles can be a great way to create fun and colorful designs on your floor but are also great for practical uses. This flooring option is designed for high traffic areas and is an excellent choice for commercial applications like banks, schools, corporate offices, and more. In areas prone to spills and stains, carpet tiles ease of maintenance outperforms broadloom since they are easy to peel up and replace. If you’re looking for a large variety, durability, and soft surface, carpet tiles could be the perfect fit for your project.

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