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2021 Color Forecast

Design is often influenced by the things happening in the world around us. Each year Sherwin Williams releases their color forecast which is a collection of color palettes each based on trends in design and style.

This year they released four color palettes featuring 40 colors with a large portion of the colors being earth-toned. Browns, warm grays, rusty oranges, reds, and deep greens are some of the star colors within the four collections. With the way 2020 has played out, the focus on these palettes was “the balance between fast and slow, quiet and expressive, and virtual and physical.”

With more people working from home and more kids learning from home, people are paying more attention to the way their spaces work for them. They want comfortable getaways within their home and a feeling of safety and security. Earth tones have a warm, calming effect, which could attribute to their high volume within these palettes. On the flip side, people are also becoming bolder in their choices for the home. Fun patterns and bright colors can bring personality into a space as well as energize the occupants!

We have gone through and looked at each of the four palettes (Sanctuary, Encounter, Continuum, and Tapestry) and selected floors that complement the color selections and overall feeling each palette represents.

Sanctuary is a warm, muted palette that draws inspiration from biophilia (the love of nature and living systems) and wellness.

Encounter is a palette with rich, muted colors that draw inspiration from storytelling and modern bohemian design. A palette that draws on locality and culture feels very earthy and well-rooted.

Continuum is a palette inspired by our interaction with the engineered environment. Made up of whites and grays with pops of color, this palette is upbeat and hopeful.

Tapestry is an energetic palette with a focus on maximalism. The colors are rich and expressive and great for making a statement in your home. Blues, greens, pinks, and yellows rule this palette.

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