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5 Kitchen Trends You Should Know About

Homebuyers and homeowners are searching for the latest trends in kitchen design to bring their outdated and meek kitchens into a new light. Between appliances, hardware, colors, and styles, there are many up-and-coming trends in the world of kitchen design. Not every trend speaks to every homeowner, but we are sure you can find something within these trends to make your own. If you are looking to revamp your kitchen, big or small, here are some kitchen design trends we love.

2021 Kitchen Trends

Stand Out Cabinets

Kitchen Trends - Cabinet Colors

We are seeing homeowners adding a more significant focus on color in their kitchens. Cabinets are painted rich, and moody greens and blue; sage, navy, emerald, and dusty blue are the most popular! For some, painting all their cabinets may be a bit too bold. For those who aren’t as daring, the two-toned cabinet trend may be more appealing. White upper cabinets coupled with blue or green lower cabinets are the perfect way to add that flash of style to the kitchen without being overwhelmed by color. Looking for something different but not as excited about color as we are? Try a deep gray or dark neutral to add depth and contrast.

Are painted cabinets not your style? That’s okay! Wood cabinets are just a desirable and beautiful as painted ones. Light and medium-toned woods with warm hues are taking over after several years of cool grays have dominated home design trends. Gray washed wood is warming up to taupe and honey tones, but not so warm that they turn into the golden oak of the ’80s and ’90s.

Bigger and Better Islands

Kitchen Trends - Island

Nearly every homeowner making an update to their kitchen is adding an island or increasing the size of their existing one. Having the extra workspace for cooking, learning, and working became increasingly important to families over this last year. Larger islands are great places to add second sinks, extra storage, or an appliance! Islands are also great spaces for additional seating. Outside of functionality, kitchen islands give homeowners another chance to add style and play with color. Complimenting the two-tone cabinetry trend, many choose to contrast their kitchen island color or material with their cabinets.

Natural Look Floors

Kitchen Trends - Floors

The most popular kitchen flooring choice is, and has been for many years, tile. Tile comes in an endless variety of colors, shapes, and formats. In the last few years, consumers have been drawn to wood and stone-look tile for their ease of maintenance over their natural counterparts. Spills and splashes in kitchens are bound to happen, which is why luxury vinyl has been climbing in popularity as well. With most luxury vinyl products being waterproof or water-resistant, they’re a fantastic alternative if a homeowner is opposed to tile. Luxury vinyl floors are resilient against heavy traffic in the home. They can withstand falling objects without leaving dents or cracks and are warmer underfoot than ceramic or porcelain tile. Closely following hardwood color trends, luxury vinyl and tile are trending light and medium tones with warm hues.

Bold and Beautiful Backsplashes

Kitchen Trends - Backsplash

One of the most exciting trends we are seeing has to do with kitchen backsplashes. Tile is climbing to greater heights than before as homeowners install their backsplashes to the range hood and ceiling to create a more seamless and dramatic statement on their walls. While a plain white subway tile backsplash is well and good, homeowners are making bolder and more personalized statements with their tile choices. Whether through a splash of color, dazzling metal accent, or a dramatic pattern, backsplashes can be a striking focal point in your kitchen. Looking to keep your backsplash toned down but still visually interesting? Go for glossy, hammered, ungulated, or a unique tile layout to add interest without color.

Decorative Range Hoods

Kitchen Trends - Range Hood

Something you may have never considered before is the look of your range hood. Whether hoods are built to blend with the upper cabinets, stand out, or compliment the island, range hoods have evolved far beyond prefabricated stainless-steel shells. A striking design trend we have seen is tiling the range hood to blend with your backsplash (since it’s extending to the hood, anyway!) Range hoods are another area to play with new materials, too. Break up your wood cabinets with a copper hood or use wood paneling to encase your rangehood and stand out against a plain painted wall.

While every year brings new trends and design inspiration, your home should showcase your style and taste! Trends come and go, but style stands the test of time. The Carpet Shoppe carries hundreds of different styles of tile and flooring for your kitchen. Want to browse our offerings before making a trip to the showroom? You can check out our tile, luxury vinyl, and hardwood collections here! Best of all, we offer quality, professional installation for all our products so you can be assured the job is done right.

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