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Hardwood Look Makes Labor & Delivery Hospital Rooms Like Home

Hospital administrators have teamed up with designers to use sheet vinyl with a hardwood appearance in labor and delivery suites.

Commercial sheet vinyl is now available in hardwood patterns.

Commercial sheet vinyl offers hospitals a great alternative to the more institutional look that once stood as a staple look for sterile hospital delivery rooms. These new modern looking sheet vinyls can be heat-welded, which allows the floor to become a solid sterile flooring product with a more home-like feel.


Resilient vinyl flooring manufacturers offer a wide variety of wood looks that are becoming a trend across the country as well as in local hospitals in our area. Hospital designers add wood cabinetry along with more residential furniture to make expecting mothers feel like they are having their babies in the comfort of their own living room, not a scary surgery room.

In some hospitals, expecting parents will stay in these home-like birthing suites from the time they arrive until the time they leave. The birthing suites are located around the nursery which allows the parents to view their new child and gives the hospital the ability to monitor the health of their new blessing.

Doctors report that these home-like suites help increase the smoothness of deliveries, making everyone more relaxed and cutting down on the average hospital stays for new parents.


The vinyl offers hospitals a great alternative to the more institutional look that was once a staple for sterile hospital delivery rooms.

hospital delivery room with white tile floors and blue walls


A room scene of a labor delivery room with warm wood flooring and neutral colored finishes


The before photo of a traditional hospital room may feel unwelcoming for new mothers. The after photo feels more like home, which doctors report make deliveries run more smoothly and cut down on hospital stays.

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