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How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Scratches and Dents in 5 Easy Ways


We’re here to help you protect one of your home’s most beautiful features.

Hardwood floors offer a warm, timeless look to any home. We know they’re an investment you want to protect for years to come, so our flooring experts have put together five easy, low-cost ways to protect your hardwood floors from frustrating scratches and dents.

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Keep your pets’ paws clean and their nails trimmed.

Pets are the most common cause of scratches on your floor. Keep their toenails clipped and clean their feet as they come in and keep a rug by the door to catch outside material that may be tracked through the house.

An image of a mans hand holding a pair of leather shoes in front of a white wall


Remove your shoes before entering the house.

Throughout the day the bottom of our shoes come into contact with some less than desirable items that can be tracked into the house. Some are abrasive and can lead to scratches on the flooring surface. High heels and shoes with harder surfaces can cause scratches and dents as well.

Take the right precautions when moving heavy furniture.

When moving furniture, protective sliders are strongly recommended, especially when moving those heavy items. Felt pads are inexpensive and can be used on the bottom of the legs of your furniture. These will help prevent scratches and dents if the furniture is bumped or moved.

Empty china hutches, curio cabinets, and bookcases before moving them. This time spent is cheaper than a costly repair bill.

Get help moving furniture when at all possible.

A room scene of a dining area with golden brown hardwood flooring and a round white area rug under a black dining table and chairs

Use area rugs in high-traffic areas.

The use of area rug can be a big help in protecting any hard surface flooring. Area rugs are especially helpful in high traffic areas or under pieces of furniture that may easily be moved.

Take a coffee table for example. If you have a coffee table on a wood floor without an area rug, it can easily be bumped or pushed even just a fraction and may lead to scratches on your beautiful floor.

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An image looking down on a dark brown hardwood floor with a blue dust mop in the center right of the image

Clean your floors regularly.

Be sure to find the right cleaning method and product for your floor. This is one of the best preventative measures that can help keep your floors beautiful.

Over time the debris that is tracked in your home from shoes and pets may contain elements of dirt, sand, glass, and other materials that cause scratches and damage to your floors.

An image of a father and son kneeling on a herringbone floor with a cleaning rag in hand

If you do encounter a scratch, don’t worry.

Using a small amount of stain or Old English Scratch Cover to touch up a small scratch on a prefinished floor.

You can also use wood repair stain pencils or Minwax repair stick. It’s best to buy a wax-based repair kit from your local hardware store.

Before sanding to remove scratches and dents from hardwood floors, contact your flooring professionals. We’ll be more than happy to help.


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