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Since 1970, The Carpet Shoppe has been providing customers with quality flooring they can afford. We carry a large selection of flooring products from hardwood to carpet. When you shop with us, you're in good hands. Our commitment to exceptional customer services means that every part of your flooring experience- from the selection to the installation- feels personal.

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Masland Shangri-La Too

Shangri-La Too Room

Masland's Shangri-La Too carpet comes in 21 neutral colors to match any room. This plush, cut-pile carpet is one you will want to sink your toes into.

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Designing Your Home With Peace In Mind - Biophilic Design

This year, biophilic design will be huge for consumers and manufacturers alike. With the whirlwind of events that 2020 has brought, people are looking for ways to find sanctuary within their homes. Biophilic design intends to connect occupants with nature directly or indirectly.

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“For 20 years, The Carpet Shoppe has lived up to every expectation I've ever had. I consider them a valuable partner and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
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