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Since 1970, The Carpet Shoppe has been providing customers with quality flooring they can afford. We carry a large selection of flooring products from hardwood to carpet. When you shop with us, you're in good hands. Our commitment to exceptional customer services means that every part of your flooring experience- from the selection to the installation- feels personal.

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Stanton Timber Land

Stanton's Timber Land is this week's featured product! Timber Land features 5 colors and is inspired by hickory trees and rustic design.

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Here's Why Your Hardwood Needs To Be Acclimated

Extreme temperature and moisture levels can destroy your flooring before it's installed, so climate control during storage, transportation, and installation is vitally important.

When you purchase hardwood floors, you do NOT want to install them without giving them time to acclimate. This acclimation period is essential for successful hardwood installation.

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